Video Production and Digital Archiving
Do you have lots of miscellaneous videotapes waiting to be archived into DVDs -.
edited and catalogued for easy access and enjoyable viewing pleasure?

WISSMEDIA is ready to tackle your project. Organize by year. Make vaction montages. Create family histories. It's a chance to make milestone or commemorative DVDs, too!

Add pictures. Add music. Add narration to tell your story. Or just edit them into the correct chronological sequence eliminating repetitive shots or bad footage.
Preserve those visual memories for ready viewing.

Also, WISSMEDIA can digitize those trays of slides or albums of snapshots
that you may be drowning in. Don't let the situation get out of control.

And finally, WISSMEDIA offers audio services - precise editing or mixing for dance performances and the archiving of cassettes and reel to reel tapes into CDs or digital files.

Videotape and digital archiving services in Weston, Massachusetts
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